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Anonymous asked: Hi! i hope you can help me find a fic: it started with draco escaping from death eaters and ending up in a forest(?) then harry found him (?) but because of some kind of spell or dementors(?) draco is p much shell shocked. harry (?) takes him to grimmaud place. after a while they discover physical contact from harry calms him. there was a scene with him playing piano for mrs weasley? then there was a strange dream? omg its a really confused summary. anyway thanks for reading

hrmm, I’ve read a fic that involves forests and a scared character, but I can’t recall this specific fic. Anyone else know which fic anon is talking about?

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Drarry ePub Downloads


These are epub versions of select drarry fics. Most were created by floatondown, calanthe ones by me. 




[More Calalanthe fics here]



Saber Shadowkat


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Maya fics update

eepp. so my Maya fics (links) got taken down and I have a strike against my account. But if anyone still wants then, you can message me

I’m going to put the epub page back up soon.

Edit: actually, here’s my google drive folder (*hint* *hint* contains fic) if anyone cares. and epub page back up (sans maya)

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Tom Felton. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Tom Felton at the bowling tourtnament in Japan

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floatondown asked: hey buddy. stumbled upon an expired/invalid link - the secret lives of shadowmen by calanthe. also, your pdf looks fabulous. i love your font choices and table of contents. super gorgeous. :)

thanks for the notice, I updated it! Turns out I accidentally deleted the file :/

haha thanks, the fonts were mostly the original ones Calanthe used but I spent quite a while on that table of contents :)

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Art by isinuyasha, Banner by capitu

Pimping Banners | Rules and Guidelines | Sign-Up Forms

Sign-ups for writers and artists open tomorrow!!!

  • Sign-ups open tomorrow, on August 1st at 9AM EDT | 2PM BST Time Zones Converter (To convert, for “Select time and place to convert from” use 1 August 2014 14/2pm United Kingdom - England - London)
  • The fest is first come, first served.
  • We will be capping the number of writers at 40. There will be no cap as to the number of artists.
  • There will be separate sign-up posts for writers and artists.
  • We’re accepting proxy sign-ups, so if you can’t be here on August 1st, find someone who can post your sign-up for you. (In the interest of fairness, mods will not be acting as proxys.)
  • We’re also accepting placeholder sign-ups. Meaning, if you’re in a hurry/on your phone, you don’t have to sign-up with the full sign-up form. You can comment with PLACEHOLDER FOR [LJ NAME] but you must edit (or reply to your placeholder comment) within 24 hours with the full sign-up, or we won’t accept it.

Artist sign-ups are still open, but they’re closing today, Thursday 8/7, at 6PM EDT/11PM BST. Spread the word to all those amazing tumblr fanartists and get your sign-ups in! This fest is going to be absolutely incredible.

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theycallmeluci asked: Hi there, do you happen to know a drarry fic where the slytherins throw a moulin rouge themed party and Harry is the "sparkling diamond"? I'm pretty sure it was on AO3 but I'm not positive

False alarm, i found it. It’s called out of control if you’re interested, it’s really good

I’m glad you found it :)

The link if anyone wants to read it.

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Anonymous asked: Hi! So, I know you've put together a couple of ebooks & such for us (thanks for that!) but I was wondering if you had a method for saving stories on sites like fanfiction. net. I've always used a fetching site to grab whole stories but its offline & the only other way I know to save stories from sites like that is by saving them chapter by chapter. Merging them all into one ebook is super time consuming. Any tips are much appreciated!

I’ve got a couple methods for you :)

There are software and sites that can download and compile an ebook for you, you just have to check if the sites you need are on it’s supported list.

Option A - FanFictionDownloader

  1. download the software
  2. check archive sites it supports
  3. copy and paste your link into the software (storylink)
  4. press check, pick your format, and click download fanfiction
  5. out comes the story in your specified format. (“14 different output formats. ePub, PDF, RTF, TXT, Mobi, LIT, LRF…. and many more are supported now.”)

Option B - Calibre + Fanficion downloader plugin

  1. download calibre (fantastic ebook manager)
  2. Supported sites are listed here (I think it’s the same as the stand alone program)
  3. click the down arrow beside the preferences button —> “get plugins to enhance Calibre”. (click the double arrow on the right to expand toolbar)
  4. search for “fanfictiondownloader” and install the plugin
  5. go to the plugin’s menu, and add urls

  6. You can also update your ebooks with this plugin

Option C

Use websites

  • Ficsave (only
  • Squeebooks
    • for livejournal fics. you have to add each chapter one after another since lj is not really a story archiving site
    • can also be used for other sites
    • an extension like Copy Link (for firefox) can be helpful when making ebooks with this site)
  • Storymaster

Good luck!

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