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wheresmyletter asked: I've lost a fic! I'm pretty sure you recced it a while ago, so here it goes... Draco is a a bit of a man-whore. He lives with Pansy. Harry uses Draco to get to Pansy, but all the while, Draco and Pansy have a bet if Draco can "turn Harry gay" Harry ends up falling in love with Draco, but Draco won't believe him when the secrets of his actions come out. I know it's not much to go by, but I've looked everywhere and can't remember for the life of me what the title is!

This sounds vaguely familiar, but I can’t remember which fic it is either. Did you try looking through all my recs and seeing if one matches?

Anyone know of this fic?

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Jesusss !!!!!!!!! 

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Anonymous asked: Hello, the link for Hatred from Maya is down. Just wanted to infrom you :D Thank you again for the stories ^^

thanks! link is fixed


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