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Evanna Lynch talks about fanfiction

asiriusandaremus asked: Oooh, I need help finding a fic too!!! If you don't mind... Earlier this year I read a good one where Harry had essentially been told by all of his past lovers that he was bad in bed/too scarred/a horrible partner and Draco comes along and tries to help Harry heal. I feel like it finished earlier this year and was around 20-30 chapters? Do you (or any of your followers) know which one I'm talking about?


sorry guys, this is going to be the last msg I answer tonight, I need to do my english assignment 

Edit: it’s Nothing Like the Sun by Lomonaaeren, thanks @thekazeen and divertaz

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I'm looking for a fic where Draco and Harry find the room with the Devil's Snare and it basically makes them have sex by releasing sex pollen or something?

that sounds kinky, but I don’t think I’ve read that. 

Wait, was this in a greenhouse and then one of them was curious and then decided to approach it? Now it’s starting to sound familiar. 

..well while searching for it, I found a lot of devil’s snare fics… 

is it this one? Just Relax by Queen’sJester

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anightwithyou asked: For the anon looking for a fic with Dementors and where Harry's touch calm Draco, I think it might be Windfallen by Cinnamon. The only thing is I can't recall where there's a scene with Mrs. Weasley and a piano. Let us know if it's the right one :)

thanks :) 

[Link to the fic]

for this anon

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Anonymous asked: Lost fic: During the war, Draco and Harry were both kidnapped by V but Harry protected Draco with a magic blanket that hid him from the guards view & draco teaches harry french & they tell eachother stories & they end up falling in love. Fast forward, Draco is now the grounds keeper at HW and Harry went missing after he and Draco escaped V. Turns out, Harry is alive, has kids, and is deaf. Harry is supposed to come to HW and Draco avoids him. And something about a butterfly or something?

I read a fic where Draco was deaf called Interpreting Draconis (which is really good), but your fic doesn’t really ring a bell.

Anyone else?

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lupinsremus asked: I just wanted to say thank you for running this blog. You are an incredible person, and I hope that you have an amazing week. :) You and this blog are both fantastic, really. <3 x

omg thank you so much <3

you’re amazing too :P

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Anonymous asked: Hi! i hope you can help me find a fic: it started with draco escaping from death eaters and ending up in a forest(?) then harry found him (?) but because of some kind of spell or dementors(?) draco is p much shell shocked. harry (?) takes him to grimmaud place. after a while they discover physical contact from harry calms him. there was a scene with him playing piano for mrs weasley? then there was a strange dream? omg its a really confused summary. anyway thanks for reading

hrmm, I’ve read a fic that involves forests and a scared character, but I can’t recall this specific fic. Anyone else know which fic anon is talking about?

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Drarry ePub Downloads


These are epub versions of select drarry fics. Most were created by floatondown, calanthe ones by me. 




[More Calalanthe fics here]



Saber Shadowkat


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Tom Felton. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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Tom Felton at the bowling tourtnament in Japan

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